Working With A Dermatologist To Perfect My Skin

What You May Be Able to Do About Sun Spots

Sunspots are brownish spots that appear on the skin as you age. They can appear at any age but are more prevalent as you get older. These brown patches can make you feel self-conscious and may make you appear much older than you actually are. To help cover the age spots, you may try to cover them, which the excess makeup can create other issues, such as oily skin and breakouts. You can treat the sunspots, as opposed to trying to mask them. Read on for some things that may help.

Skin Bleaching Treatments

Make an appointment with your dermatologist about treating your sunspots. One of the treatments you can use is bleaching creams. Bleach treatments should only be done under a dermatologist's supervision. Some bleach treatments can harm your skin if you attempt to bleach your skin on your own. There are medicated bleach creams that can bleach your skin without burning your skin. These treatments should be used as recommended and you should also stay out of the sun after using these treatments, as your skin will be sensitive after using it.


You can exfoliate your own skin with an exfoliating skin cleanser. Exfoliating the skin can help remove dead skin cells and can promote skin cell growth, which can help fade those skin spots over time. Don't over-exfoliate to the point that you damage your skin. If you rub too harshly, you could damage your skin. Gently exfoliate your skin. There may be some redness, but if it's sore to the touch, you have been too rough on the skin.


A derma roller can help improve your skin tone and texture, in addition to helping to improve cellular growth as well. Use a derma-roller that has tiny needles. Anything that has too thick of needles can cause damage to your skin, rather than promoting skin cell growth. You can talk to your dermatologist about using a derma-roller and what type is best to use.

Laser Treatments

Laser treatments can also be used to fade your sunspots. This is, again, something that should only ever be done by a dermatologist. You shouldn't go anywhere else to have this done. A salon or other type of non-medical facility should not be used to have this type of treatment performed.

If you have sun spots, you should make an appointment with a dermatologist to learn about your treatment options. You can try using a derma-roller or exfoliating your skin on your own to see if they help fade your sunspots.