Mole Removal After Care Tips To Ensure Proper Healing

When you have a mole removed for cosmetic reasons, the goal is to enhance your appearance. However, even with a successful mole removal procedure, if you aren't properly caring for the wound during recovery – your efforts could be minimized. Learn what you can do to reduce the risk of scaring and ensure your wound looks healthy and appealing for the long-term. Remember To Moisturize Make moisturizing the area a priority. [Read More]

Things Men With Unhealthy Skin Should Know

If your skin looks anything but healthy, take steps to improve it. Although skin care is often directed to women, men of all ages can also experience problems, such as dry skin, acne, and the signs of aging. The products sold in stores generally contain ingredients that may not cater to your skin's specific needs. In many cases, the products can worsen your problems. Here are things to know about your skin and what you can do to make it unhealthy the right way. [Read More]

Pregnancy Acne: Causes and Remedies

Many women find that the hormonal changes during pregnancy lead to more frequent or even painful breakouts of acne. For women who have enjoyed clear skin before becoming pregnant, this can be a hard adjustment. Fortunately, some basic lifestyle changes and remedies can help to alleviate pregnancy acne at least in part.  Why does acne get worse during pregnancy? Hormone changes are drastic during pregnancy. High levels of androgens are the guilty party—they enlarge your pores and stimulate increased secretion of sebum. [Read More]

Hirutism: What You Can Do About Unwanted Chin Hair

Hirutism is a condition that causes male-pattern hair growth in women. What this means is that if you have hirutism, you might experience hair growth on your face, upper arms, chest or back. While a few hairs here and there are nothing to worry about, many women suffer in silence from this potentially embarrassing condition. The first thing you should do if you notice excessive hair growth in places that you would not expect to see on a woman is to see your doctor. [Read More]